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In modern society with its advanced technology and increasing awareness of environmental protection, equipment and technology that prevents air pollution not only improve living quality, but also benefit health. Air pollution prevention is an important issue for everyone on earth.

With creative technologies, JiuTian Environmental Technology is committed to researching and developing equipment that can eliminate fumes and purify odors and help enterprises solve that annoying oil fume smell. Guaranteeing environmental quality and operators’ health not only improve work efficiency, but also strengthen an enterprise’s competitiveness and, most importantly, provide a fresher and better living environment for our descendants.

The Company’s highly efficient Electrostatic Precipitators and Ozone Deodorization Device have the most advanced technology in transformer, collector cell , and electronic control systems. The materials of the components are designed and manufactured with a high-quality, high-stability and high-performance goal, which can completely solve the oil fume smell in the food service industry and Industrial plants. JiuTian Environmental Protection Technology is responsible for reassuring customers to use, make operation easier, and provide more secure equipment to business owners. JiuTian Environmental Protection Technology looks forward to contributing to society and environmental protection.