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Ozone Deodorization Device

    • What is ozone?
      Ozone is a kind of purifying substance in nature. Its chemical term is O3. It is a strong oxidizer for commercial use, as well as a powerful cleaner and disinfectant.
      Application of ozone
      Put simply, ozone has five functions: sterilize, decompose toxins, preserve food, bleach, and deodorize.
      • Sterilize:Ozone (O3) can quickly clean up the viruses and bacteria found in air and water. A number of experimental reports on ozone (O3) have pointed out that if the concentration of ozone (O3) in air or water reaches a standard value through only a few minutes of contact, the destruction rate of bacteria can exceed 99%.
      • Decompose toxins: A large amount of industrial pollution has resulted in air and water filled with a variety of toxic substances that are harmful to the human body, such as carbon oxide (CO), pesticides, odors, dioxin, etc.; after being treated by ozone (O3), they will be oxidized into stable materials that are harmless to the human body.
      • Preserve food:The reason food will rot is most commonly bacterial infection. Ozone (O3) can be used to store various foods, reduce the damage rate and cross infection, and prolong food preservation time.
      • Bleach:Ozone (O3) itself is a very strong bleach; because ozone (O3) has a strong oxidizing power,  pulp bleaching and industrial waste water decolorization are treated with ozone (O3).
      • Deodorize:Ozone (O3)’s strong oxidative decomposition ability can quickly and effectively damage odor factors to improve odor problems.